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  • Role of Human Being In Biotechnology

    Biotechnology Application of knowledge in the areas like engineering and medicines, etc., is called technology. The technology in which living things are used in different ways to help and benefit […]

  • Getting Information Basis of Heredity

    Basis of Heredity The basic physical and functional unit of heredity is called gene. Genes act as instructions to make molecules called proteins. Genes occur in pairs. Every hereditary character […]

  • Provide Some American Information Cell Division

    Lets talk About Cell Division Cell division is a process by which a cell divides into two daughter cells. The cell which divides is called parent cell. The cells which […]

  • Formation of Stones in Kidneys

    Stones in Kidneys Sometimes kidneys cannot work efficiently to remove salts from the blood. In such situation, the salts accumulate in kidneys and form stones. Formation of stones disturb the […]

  • Working of Kidneys and Associated Structures

    Kidneys and Associated Structures Human body has tow dark brown, bean shaped kidneys in the abdominal region, one on either side of the vertebral column. The right kidney is a […]

  • Actions Controlled by the Nervous System

    lets talk about Actions Controlled by the Nervous System There are 2 types of actions controlled by the nervous system 1. Voluntary Actions The body actions which are performed under […]

  • Parts of Central Nervous System

    Central nervous System Now we are talk about parts of central nervous system. Central nervous system acts as a control centre of the whole nervous system. It comprises brain and […]

  • We Talk About Nervous System

    Nervous System Whenever a person gets injury on his foot, he feels pain and the whole body is disturbed. His hand immediately reaches the injured site. Who informed the brain […]


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